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As a committee with a lot of money to spend every semester, we have allocated money towards/ funded the following projects:

Projects Currently In Progress

  • Hybrid Van Upgrade ($5,490)
  • Reusable Oil Filters ($9,298)
  • Refrigeration Controller Study ($3,566)
  • Solar-Thermal Heating System ($32,136)
  • Green Restaurant Association Certification ($8,016)
  • Butterfly Highway Site ($4,350)
  • New Groundwater Well ($10,000)
  • Bike lane markings on Cameron Blvd ($3,321.44)
  • Sustainability Studies - Capstone Projects ($21,000)
  • "Turn Off the Lights" Sticker Campaign ($2,000)
  • Van Landingham Glen Stream Repairs Phase II ($7,500)
  • Recycling and Trash Bins for building exits ($19,165)
  • Additional Hammock Locations ($4,244)

Projects Currently Completed

  • Student Capstone Projects on Campus Sustainability (2017)
  • Shed & tools for the Student Garden
  • Statement Making Fashion Show E-Waste Art
  • "These Come From Trees" sticker campaign
  • Charlotte Wheels Bike Share Stations
  • Skateboard Racks for the Popp-Martin Student Union 
  • Human-Powered Ice Cream Bike
  • Adopt-A-Spot Signage
  • Jamil Niner Student Pantry Food Plot 
  • Signs for Public Electric Car Chargers 
  • Bottle Filling Stations 
  • Erosion Prevention at Lot 27
  • VEEBAR battery monitoring for electric vehicles 
  • Temporary Bike Racks for special events or other needs 
  • Compost bins for student and staff gardens
  • Bike Racks for EPIC and Grigg Hall 
  • Bridge for Van Landingham Glen
  • Graduation Gown Repurposing Project
  • Replaced outdated Red and Yellow recycling bins with newer model
  • Van Landingham Glen Stream Repairs Phase I
  • Zero Waste Football Stadium
  • Bottle Filling Stations - Football Stadium
  • Three ELOO compostable toilets found at the low ropes course
  • The pallet green wall constructed on the side of Smith, behind the bike racks
  • 2009 Annual Report

We will also post project images on this site.